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Walter Benjamin Pool

 Team: Joanna RAJKOWSKA (The artist) Bilge Kalfa (The architect) GB Architecture (Constructer)

The text description is from the artist's website.

Benjamin in Konya: a public project. It is a field of text (a fragment of The Task of the Translator) etched into marble slabs which, arranged in a spiral, delineate the center of a square near the Serafettin Cami mosque and the former town hall. The spiral’s central part contains the Ottoman text, then the text of the German original unfolds, followed by the modern Turkish translation. The field of the Ottoman text forms a shallow basin over which water swirls, forming a small vortex in the middle. The water protects the text from profanation, because since the time of the reform Perso-Arabic script has been reserved for the Qur’an and other holy scriptures. With time, the water will wash away the letters of the Ottoman text while the remainder will be worn away by the feet of passers-by.

My City project is conceived and implemented by the British Council in collaboration with Anadolu Kültür and Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center. My City forms part of the Cultural Bridges programme for EU-Turkey civil society dialogue funded by the European Union.

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