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Aralik Moda

Team: Bilge Kalfa & Onur Karadeniz, 2018

After a long nine-month preparation period the Aralik Moda was opened in December 2018 in the neighbourhood of Kadıköy-Moda, unremarkable and mostly residential place in Istanbul. The design of the chef restaurant I December , which has the largest kitchen in Moda , started with Bilge Kalfa and was completed by Onur Karadeniz Architects Founder. In the interiors of December, visitors encounter a very simple, spacious and light atmosphere. December, which brings together the French 'fine dining' concept and German detailing in very minimal, simple lines with few and sharp details. There were done a careful study on everything from how the kitchen should be arranged to increase the speed of service, to the level of light in the environment. As a result, successful restaurant in harmony with the independent spirit of Kadıköy was created. There is a large bar on the ground floor of the two-floor venue.
The design of the wooden tables and chairs is contemporary and in simple harmony with the white walls. The dim lighting has a soothing effect and gives the space a slightly mysterious aura. The atmosphere and food of the place both adapted to the neighborhood and created its own difference.

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