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 Team: Mark WALLINGER (The artist) Bilge Kalfa (Architect)

It was an honor to coordinate 5 art projects for MyCity in 2010 and design the Sinema Amnesia by understanding the wishes of the artist. 


"The project was conceived and commissioned by the British Council to celebrate Istanbul's stint as European Capital of Culture, and Turkey's status on the fringes of the EU – although actually joining the union now looks distinctly less attractive to many Turks than two years ago, when the My City project was first conceived.

Wallinger and four other EU artists are at work in Turkey, while five Turkish artists travel to England, Finland, Poland, Germany and Austria; Gunes Terkol, an Ankara-born, Istanbul-based artist, has just presented her performance piece at the Gasworks gallery in London." Guardian Maev Kennedy

Mark Wallinger explains his project;

"The thought of showing a constant yesterday – a palimpsest of time, if you like – is a happy one," "A day, 24 hours, is the smallest meaningful unit of time that you can tell a story in. Within that space, we can measure ourselves against our own selves. It becomes a kind of time machine, a measure of how much we choose to remember or forget."

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