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Compact Market

Team: Bilge Kalfa & Yasin Müjdeci, Berlin 2019

“Compact Market ” is a new space stocking archival pieces of Voo Store Berlin. The store is located in Oranienstraße which is a multi-layered district in Kreuzberg. The interior design aims to pay tribute to the 150-year history of the retail location and to renovate but with simple elegance.


The space has levels/steps to question who the audience is in fashion retail. Sometimes the “market” has pop-up events and the space is easıiy adaptable. The design has contrasts: the wooden gable beams are 150 years old and a bench made by the Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret provides a historical touch. On the other hand, the blue epoxy flooring highlights every item it encounters, through its brave and modern touch. The cashier and the shelves are handmade objects applied by Berliner craftsmen. The brick display is also made of old Berlin’s water pipes. A design that consists of minimum forms and colors was utilized for maximum functionality and utilisation.

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